Thursday, December 28, 2006

The fuss about being slim

My mummy often tells people that I have an eating disorder. Let me get this straight – I DO NOT have an eating disorder. I just like to stay slim. I eat only what I need and even less when I don’t have enough exercise.

Do you think I’m too skinny?
Top view - small

My mummy has just about tried everything to make me put on weight. From feeding me with potatoes everyday to giving me more fatty meat (which gives me a tummy upset) to changing my kibbles with higher fat content. She almost gave up hope to make me put on weight.

That’s when she heard from Herbie’s mummy about Aunty Sam’s “4-day guaranteed weight-gain program”. So mummy packed me off to Aunty Sam’s place to stay for 2 weeks. It was indeed effective! I had 3 meals a day, instead of the usual 1 meal. All in all, I think I put on about 1kg. Mummy was quite pleased with the results when she came to pick me up.

That’s me receiving ‘treatment’
Tommy ears-small

This program even comes with free teeth cleaning!
Tommy dentist 2 - small

Anyway, I have since lost that 1kg - too much exercise!
Sentosa swimming

Sentosa pull

Posted by Tommy at 6:57 PM


  1. Blogger Justin posted at 1:31 AM  
    hey, you seem to be purr-fect in every way. Tell your Mom to stop worrying but have food in the proper time!

    Just check this New Year's Resolutions!
  2. Blogger Super Boy & Baby-Licious posted at 7:42 AM  
    We think you look great..nothing to worry about.

    Boy n Baby
  3. Blogger Amber-Mae posted at 9:16 PM  
    Hi there, Tommy! I found you in Herbie's bloggy...N, I don't think you're too skinny. If you are, you can see your bones sticking out under your skin! I think you're just very slim & lean...I used to be like you too but now I'm packed with thick muscles in my legs & I now have a big chest. And I'm a girl, hehehe! My hoomans often call me a drag queen & I pink is a no no color for me!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer
  4. Blogger Angel posted at 7:39 PM  
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  5. Blogger Angel posted at 7:41 PM  
    Hey Tommy !
    I think you're looking good !
    Hmm, I hate kibbles too :D
    I skipped breakfast in the morning becos they're ALL kibbles & canned food.
    But I LOVEEE dinner ! That's when I get to eat human food cooked specially for me- with less salt, oil etc .
    The vet says that raw is no.1 for dogs followed by cooked food then cann food and lastly, he kept saying that KIBBLES IS THE WORSE FOOD A DOG SHOULD EAT .
    There is positive points about kibbles but many many more negative points. The vet also said that to keep my diet balanced, Mommy should feed me kibbles in the morning and cooked food at night !

    So, yupp ! It's okay, I think you'll put on weight soon !


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