Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Trip to Botanical Gardens

My M finally managed to find the time to put up these happy pictures of me at Botanical gardens. Such a lovely place! All the new smells and of course, all the places to leave my mark....

Handsome right?
Botanical 5 - small

Posing in front of the mini waterfall
Botanical 1 - small

Me at the Orchid garden
Botanical 3 - small
(Don't know why M always makes me pose with flowers. Sigh!)

Next: Ginger garden
Botanical 2 - small
(We had to wait really long to take this shot cos there was this super large group of tourists taking turns to take photos....)

I remember posing for this picture but looks like M left me out of the frame
Botanical 4 - small

A well-deserved rest after a long & hot day at Botanical gardens ....
Sleepy 1 - small

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