Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Move over - here comes the disco dogs!

It was so exciting, we had a chance to go to Zouk last Sunday! This was all thanks to CLEO magazine which organised this event for young entrepreneurs & allowed dogs this time round. The flea market inside Zouk was packed full of humans selling and humans buying their wares. I could see human shoes, bags and clothes all laid out on the floor. Not much stuff for us though. Only 1 stall selling these tiny t-shirts that obviously couldn't fit me. But I was pretty happy cos lots of people patted me as we made our way through the crowd.

Giving CLEO magazine due credit....
Zouk 2 - small

All the lucky doggies who had the priviledge to go clubbing...
Zouk 1 - small

Posted by Tommy at 6:40 AM


  1. Blogger Herbie posted at 10:20 PM  
    wow... i can see the queue reflected in Phuture's glass... what a crowd! A pity I missed it. :(
  2. Blogger Joey posted at 12:58 AM  
    That's not a queue! Just people standing there looking at us. We were quite a sight that day!
  3. Blogger Opy - the Original GruffPuppy posted at 3:49 AM  
    Hi Tommy,

    I would love to add you to our site over at www.dogswithblogs.com.au. Would you mind if we added you ?


  4. Blogger Angel posted at 7:46 PM  
    wow ! It's so pawsome that you all managed to sit there quietly without running away when your mummy&daddy are taking photos of all of you !
    No wonder there is such a crowd !
    They must be amused !
    I can never do that ! The moment you drop my leash, oh, THERE I GO (:


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