Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm so sorry, Aunty G

Aunty G gave me a rare treat the other day - deer tendon. According to my friend Joey, the deer tendon is very expensive but really yummy.

You wouldn't believe it but yes, that's me refusing to eat part of Bambi
Deer 2 - small

Pls don't force me ....
Deer 1 - small

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Move over - here comes the disco dogs!

It was so exciting, we had a chance to go to Zouk last Sunday! This was all thanks to CLEO magazine which organised this event for young entrepreneurs & allowed dogs this time round. The flea market inside Zouk was packed full of humans selling and humans buying their wares. I could see human shoes, bags and clothes all laid out on the floor. Not much stuff for us though. Only 1 stall selling these tiny t-shirts that obviously couldn't fit me. But I was pretty happy cos lots of people patted me as we made our way through the crowd.

Giving CLEO magazine due credit....
Zouk 2 - small

All the lucky doggies who had the priviledge to go clubbing...
Zouk 1 - small

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Trip to Botanical Gardens

My M finally managed to find the time to put up these happy pictures of me at Botanical gardens. Such a lovely place! All the new smells and of course, all the places to leave my mark....

Handsome right?
Botanical 5 - small

Posing in front of the mini waterfall
Botanical 1 - small

Me at the Orchid garden
Botanical 3 - small
(Don't know why M always makes me pose with flowers. Sigh!)

Next: Ginger garden
Botanical 2 - small
(We had to wait really long to take this shot cos there was this super large group of tourists taking turns to take photos....)

I remember posing for this picture but looks like M left me out of the frame
Botanical 4 - small

A well-deserved rest after a long & hot day at Botanical gardens ....
Sleepy 1 - small

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