Saturday, May 27, 2006

Special powers

Remember the last time Herbie said that dogs had special powers? Well, I have a very rare power that very few dogs can achieve..... It is to reject food.... I will now grant you the privilege of watching me in action.

See that's me rejecting the yummy bone
Mutton bone 1
(P.S Joey, Herbie & Scuba: Bet you guys can't do that! Hahahaha.......)

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Sunshine boy

Ever wondered why I'm called the Sunshine boy? Cos I LOVE the sun! So many things you can do.....

Swimming ....

Enjoying the sea breeze ......
ears flop - small

Having fun with coconuts .....
bored - small
(Don't be deceived by the picture, I'm just taking a break)

Rolling in the grass ...
rolling - small

Looking handsome ....
handsome - small

Of course all these exercise makes me a sleepy doggie at the end of the day
sleepies3 - small

And sometimes my friends just can't resist cuddling up to me
Thunder & tom - small

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