Thursday, April 06, 2006

oops i did it again

yesterday m & d brought me to auntie v's place to have dinner. As u know, it has been raining like mad for the past few days.. i'm so bored and so much energy had been built up i just needed to let it go. When i saw herbie at aunt v's place i got so excited i was going up and down.. running here and there.. When miki (uncle y) came, I was so excited to see him. So Rafv and i got up to check miki out.. i think rafv also had a lot of pent-up energy and the next thing u know..BANG.. we got into a fight. Even after the humans stopped the fight, we were still yelling at each other. Sorry aunt r and uncle c hope u forgive me. and god can u hear my prayers pls? STOP RAINING!

Posted by Tommy at 6:39 AM


  1. Blogger Joey posted at 7:24 PM  
    When u write HC got bitten, it is so misleading and I thought MY HC got bitten. Than I remember we are not even there that night. Thank god HC not bitten, otherwise I think Jack will be very angry with you.. hehe...
  2. Blogger Joey posted at 7:25 PM  
    Think Rafv and you need to see therapist to sort out your anger with each other. Come my house and lay on the couch... I'll be your therapist.
  3. Blogger Rafv posted at 2:00 AM  
    Snigger.. Joey, You will be my therapist? I know you surely will be on Tommy side!(I know you love Tommy not Me!)

    Well, Tommy. I am sorry too. I guess not our fault.. All because of rainning day...

  4. Blogger Scuba the Muscle Boy posted at 12:34 AM  
    I think you and Rafv just want to play VERY rough but don't know how to!!!! then the humans get excited which then raised your adrenalin level (not knowing how to control this thing call adrenalin is bad) and you both ended up REALLY ROUGH. Because this 'event' happened at the 'nursing home', my mom feels really bad.

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